A Rude Awakening is the first Episode in Survival Crisis Z. As the name implies, it starts when the infection has wasted the city. You start usually outside a building and must find shelter from the undead hordes. Zombies can die when burnt, infected don't threat a lot and one must loot for ammo and food before doing any mission or between missions. Follow the rules that the main NPC-companion offers you as they might give you 5 more minutes of life in-game.

To get a mission you can either do some work (for neutrals, like delivering) and the objective will later offer you a mission or control a house and get the missions instantly.

SPOILER WARNING: If you read this, the gameplay experience won't be the same.

A Great InititationEdit

The first mission. You are send to a building that is full of zombies. You can find it, because it is the flashing building in your map. You need a certain number of kills, indicated under the name of your mission (in the map). If you run out of targets, you can got outside and re-enter the building for spawn or wait inside for more enemies.

In the top of the screen should appear MISSION COMPLETE when killed enough enemies.

A Rotten JobEdit

You are send to torture a house leader (beacuse he/she has stolen some stuff) and are give a full gear of torture (mask, duct tape and a car battery). Before entering, you must wear the mask or the faction respect will decrease serverely and they will send assassins. To torture, select the duct tape first and then the car battery (Do this at the same time), in the left bottom of the screen, a bar of Health and Will will appear. You must deploy the Will bar, but be aware that the Health bar deploys too every shock. If you kill the leader, he/she will burn and die. When tortured enough, he/she will reveal where the secret stuff is. Pick it up and return to your commander. The mission is complete. (If you where send to a faction house the flag will turn neutral)

Remember Mark?Edit

You will be send to the sewers, so try to get this mission near a sewer entrance. Sewer grates are found in the green buildings in yur map. Down there, you must look for Mark. He will be in the flashing room in your map.

Talk to him and escort him to the surface. Mission complete

Ryan's ExplodersEdit

You are told about a secret complex beneath the sewers. You are send there to retrieve a scientist called Ryan. The complex elevators are found in the blue buildings in your map.

Once there, find the doctor in the flashing room in your map. When you talk with him, he will warn you about the exploders. Escort him to the surface and the mission is complete.

We Want to be UndergroundEdit

The first boss fight.

You are told that survivors, will move to the sewers to find a "safe" place. But that a big zombie started to kill everyone. Go to the sewers, and get outside.

Find an open space to fight the zombie. If you have a flamethrower or a flare gun you won't need to run & gun the boss. When the boss kneels and holds in place, stop fire and wait seconds for him to explode. Return to the surface and mission complete.

Ryan's Monster BossEdit

A two-part mission. First, look for Dr. Ryan in an specific building. Once you find him, talk to him. He will say that he was investigating the big zombies, but now one of them is hunting him.

Be prepared, because this zombie is covered in worms and every shot makes him drop more worms. Try fighting him in a parking lot, as you will have more open space to move around. Use guns with a high rate of fire to take out the worms or some flames to make him run.

The longer you make the fight, the worse it will become...

An Easy OutEdit

This is the last mission of Episode 1. Stock as many ammo as you can, find medkits and be prepared to fight infected, zombies, exploders and z-dogs.

Your commander made contact with a chopper and it will come for you.

Unfortunately, you must resist hordes of zombies and infected (you must kill certain number of enemies)

Fight them in open spaces to evade oncoming zombies, keep moving, and try to shoot the infected and exploders (as they represent more danger to you).

When killed enough zombies, the chopper will land and take you out of the city.

You survived Episode 1.


  • When you end this episode, you will lose all controled houses. Zombies and infected will increase their damage and toughness.
  • Ending first episode, will put you in the menu again and you can choose either start Episode 2 or showing other options.
  • The helicopter bears some resemblance with a Bell JetRanger
  • You don't need to be close the chopper, when arrives, it will take you away
  • The best way to survive the last mission is to go to an open space like a parking lot or a street cross.