Amanda is the leader of a colonization effort in the sewers and, latter, boss in Survival Crisis Z

She first appears in Episode 2, where she was choosen as the leader to create a safe place for survivors, but needed help of the protagonist to reach the sewers. Later, she contacts back the player for help to get rid of a slime-like monsters with chains that was killing everybody. After that, Rebels and Neutrals arrived to the sewers to start the settling.

In Episode 3, when the player is sent to check out her, most of the colonists are either dead or infected and warns the player about the Undead Children, where they make their first appearance (cannon only) and, apparently has gone insane.

Her last appearance is when the player is send by Professor Danchade to look for info about Randolph Dutch in the sewers. The player founds her, looking like an infected and after some talk, she transforms into a taller version of the Undead Children.

Boss BattleEdit

She attacks like the Undead Children, when the player is close to her the background changes and a group of Undead Children help her. If the battle takes in a room with pillars or walls, she will use this to her advantage to teleport from one place to another.

When all of the children are killed, she will spawn more. It is recommended to use a long range, high RoF weapon or the Handcannon/Combat shotgun if you wish to deal close-quarter damage at the risk of getting surrounded by some Undead Children. Also an EMP bomb is good to get rid of the children when they spawn.