New Character Creation ProcessEdit

These are the steps to create a new character in the game. Each character is automatically placed in the next available slot. So, if you are making your first character, it goes in the first slot, the next one will be in the second slot, and so on and so forth. Unless if you deleted a slot before a higher number, it would go in that one first. There are 10 total character slots available.

The steps are, in order: Name, Gender, Skin, Occupation, Alliance, Episode and Difficulty


Just the name of your character. It appears in the slot your character is saved in. Once your name is chosen, the game is built for that character/save file. It only takes a few seconds to a minute, based on your computer.


Either male or female. Does not influence anything but your exterior appearance.


Comes in Light, Medium, or Dark. Also only affects your appearance.


Choosing your occupation is a big decision, but only for the beginning of the game, as any equipment or skills may be earned by anybody in the game over time.


There are 3 choices, they affect the relations between you and them in the beginning. Choosing either Swat or Rebels will put a +20 on the chosen faction and a -20 on the other. Choosing neutral will put both factions at +5


Each episode get progressively harder with new foes to combat. It's recommend to start with the first one.

A Rude Awakening - Terror Strikes - Dead By Dawn


Normal allows you to start again when you died from the last save point.

Hardcore, when you die, Death is final, unless you happened to have a revive.exe handy.