In Survival Crisis Z's Character Creation, the player has a choice of six classes plus a hidden "class":


'R'evolver + Healing Self-sustaining Soldier

A physician or surgeon before the outbreak. Doctors did all they could to treat the wounded, but in the early days little could be done. Many abandoned their hospitals as they were overrun with the swarms of freshly undead. A great class for beginners as the Doctor starts with the Auto Regeneration skill, allowing you to regain health as you walk, and a revolver which has great range and damage.


Tec 9 + EMP Fully Automatic Hacker

Before the apocalypse they were hackers, anarchists, and science fiction fans. Now they're trench coat wearing, sub-machine gun toting warriors, combating the undead with technology. Techs start out with several EMP grenades, along with the ability to manufacture them out of electrical commodities. They also start with a Tec-9 sub-machine gun.


Fast + Handgun + Ski Mask Master of Thieves

It you plan on stealing from stashes or causing chaos around the city, this class is for you. The Ski Mask can hide your identity from factions, the speed to run away when things get to heated, and a handgun for standard protection.


Handcannon + Molotovs Instant Blitzkrieg Machine

The handcannon and molotov is a big plus when you plan on doing Hostile Takeovers and for neutrals Take Leadership blasting at a door when they come in.


Rifle + Crossbow Long Range Survivalist

If you are good shooting far away this is a good class for you. Both weapons have high accuracy, high power but not useful when a horde of Infected blows through a door, so just keep running back as a strategy and firing as you go.


Flare Gun + Storage Post-Apocalyptic Trader

This class is used for making money buying low selling and selling high. With the additional storage you can carry selling items and the items you are going to use.


Starts with knife but no skills or inventory To get him press ESC when it says choose a class useful if you want to start out like a new character

A very useless character when you can just use another class with free skills and a gun. This is considered a bug in the game.