Dead by Dawn is the third and last episode in Survival Crisi Z. This episode is played after Episode 2 or if you choose it when creating a new character, it may probably happen after the choopers crashed or is another story. Anyway, this episode gives some hints about who or how the plague started.

This time, you cannot rely on bullets nor fire to take down the zombies and infects; you need to decapitate or blow the torso to kill them for good. This is the first time that Banshees and Undead Children make the official appearance in the game plot.


(Spoiler alert. Reading this may affect game experience)

The Mitch HassleEdit

You are send to the underground complex to find and rescue Dr. Mitch Shovah

Some Simple ScoutingEdit

You are send to the sewers to check on Amanda. After finding her, she will acknowledge the presence of Undead Children and shows signs that she lost her mind. Return to your safe house, but be careful as the Undead Children will start appearing

Remember to Wipe your FeetEdit

Apparently, the Undead Children followed you to the safe house: Go outside and kill some monsters.

Mitch's JuggernautsEdit

You'll be told that the reason Dr. Shovah couldn't left on his own is because of 3 juggernauts loose on the lab. Go down there and kill them; a good team of 2 survivors may be good to shred the horde and the juggernauts.

Mitch Triumphant ReturnEdit

Again, you'll be working with Dr. Shovah. After you find him, he'll ask to make a quick stop to pick up an experiment he had in town. After reaching the destination, Dr. Shovah will explain that his experiment left and now is roaming the streets; basically, is another juggernaut, only this time is covered in worms and every time you shoot him a worm will leave the body to attack you. 

After that, escort Dr. Shovah to the complex entrance and you'll be done.

Bad Blood and The Cannibal RunEdit

Apparently, another house leader has gone mad and you'll be send to make a C4 bombing on the building. After that, leave quickly, as hordes of infected and zombies will appear.

The Banshee AsylumEdit

Your commander tells you the story of a place full of unholy screams and will introduce you to the banshees. Go to the designated place and find a way to kill them. After that return to the safe house and the mission is over.

Trevor and The Phone BoothEdit

Another story about a phone booth that has no reason being there and a series of dissappearances. Go the designated place, answer the phone and, when you leave the building, the whole place will turn into the Hell Dimension. Go to another designated building and fight Trevor. After killing him, the mission is over.

The Elusive ProfessorEdit

Since Dr. Shovah cannot find an answer to the current crisis, you are told of a Professor Danchande that might have a theory of what is causing the whole mess. Go to the sewers, find him and he'll tell you about Gnosticism and a research about Randolph Dutch. You must find his bag in the sewers and you'll read a pice of his diary.

After that, search for more info about him. Instead of finding more info, you'll meet Amanda; in an infected state and, later, a boss fight. Return to the surface and you're finished.

Goodbye Dr. ShovahEdit

A distress call from the underground lab says that Dr. Shovah is "hunting" all the surviving scientists there. Go there to talk to one of the survivors. After a bit talk, he'll reveal that Shovah placed his head onto a dead juggernaut and has a gun. Go outside (now turned into Hell Dimension) and finish Shovah. When you're done, go to the surface and is Mission Complete

Saving Professor DanchadeEdit

You'll be send to check on Professor Danchade to the sewers, when you find him you'll be told that there was no body at his tomb for such a tall man (a fact that you recall from the last missions). He'll also say that the banshees are taunting him and sends you to deal with the biggest of them. After that, return to the surface and that'll be all

Hell is The BasementEdit

The surviving scientists from the underground complex need saving!. Rush there and save the three of them (but you can only take one per trip). The Hell Dimension appear more often as the monsters there. At first only Infected and Zombies will appear, then they'll be banded with Undead Children and finally another creature is introduced; the Zombie Core. After you rescue the scientists, is a Mission Complete

The Monsters are Coming!Edit

As the title implies, all types of monsters will appear outside and challenge you to a death battle. Get a certain number of kills

A Dutch for the RoadEdit

The last mission of the episode; a phone booth is ringing somewhere. Go there, answer the phone, talk to Dutch and go outside to finish him for good. He will launch all he got so be prepared before dealing with him. After that, apparently all paranormal stuff will be gone but not the plague: the only thing to do is to keep fighting the zombies as long as you can.

After the boss battle, you'll return to some random part of the city and battle endless zombies as the screen fades black.


You'll be given free will over the whole map but the difficulty and enemies from Episode 3 will remain.....