Mitch Shovah is a scientist and, later, boss in Episode 3 of Survival Crisis Z.

The doctor is first rescued from the underground complex as he is looking for the cause of the plague (as well as the solution) and as a mean to establish contact with the outside world. Later, the player's commander tells that the doctor informed of three Juggernauts loose on the lab, so the player is send to deal with them.

In the third mission related to him, he asks the player to make a stop to pick up an experiment he left in town before going to the underground complex. When they arrive at the location, the experiment "left" as it was related to the worms and the big zombies, again, the player has to deal with this monstrosity and accuses the doctor of bringing more threats to the town, the doctor only says that it is "scientifically important".

Finally, one of the scientists in the lab, contact the player to say that Shovah was hunting the scientists. When the player arrives, one of the surviving members tells that Shovah went completely mad; grafted his head onto a dead Juggernaut and gave himself a gun and started killing every survivor there. He also states that all the environment turned "evil, dark and metallic".

The player confronts the mad doctor and puts and end to his wretched life.

Boss BattleEdit

Since he has a gun (that has the range of a sentry gun and the damage of the SMG) it is recommended to use a long range gun. Also, take note that zombies and infected are with him, but he will not shoot at them to get you.

The use of pipe bombs or EMP bombs is the best choice to take out the zombies and deal some damage to Shovah, if he is near the explosion radius. Only engage combat when he is alone and take the zombies with bombs or another close range weapon.