The Rebels (or the Rebellion) is a faction in Survival Crisis Z.

As stated on the ReadMe file, as soon as SWAT teams were getting killed by the undead, they left the civilians to their own. Some locals, already with weapons in storage, distrusting the SWAT and not liking the fact that the SWAT started to boss them around, led to the creation of the rebellion.

Most of their HQs and House Leaders used to be Neutral before alligning with them.

General descriptionEdit

Rebel houses are identified by a red flag over the head of the House Leader in the map. House leaders always wear a red bandana on their heads with a randomly generated attire . Their reputation meter is represented by a civilian with a red bandana. Rebels can be male or female.

Rebel troops have a randomly-generated attire with a red bandana. The assassins wear gray pants, a ski mask, night-vision googles, a red bandana and a black shirt, they use the same weapons as rebels do.

Rebel weapons include the Pistol, Handcannon, Tec-9, Revolver and Rifle.

Events in Survival Crisis ZEdit

They play an important role in the colonization effort of the sewers, acting as security forces against the undead prowling there, meaning they were behind the idea of colonzing the sewers.

When the sewers get overrun, no rebel infected are seen.