The Special Weapons and Tactics (or SWAT for short) is a faction present in Survival Crisis Z.

According to the ReadMe file and dialogue from SWAT-alligned House Leaders, they have been in the city for nearly two weeks without any form of contact with HQ. When they arrived and found themselves overrun by the infected, they retreated and focused on defending themselves rather than the civilians that were meant to rescue.

Some of them are not SWAT members at all but former court-martialled military that were given a "pardon" as long as they assisted in the mission.

General informationEdit

The SWAT houses are identified by a blue flag over the head of the House Leader in the map. House leaders always wear blue camo pants and a randomly-generated torso and head. Their reputation meter is represented by a SWAT member with a gas mask and blue helmet. All SWAT troops are male except for the House Leaders, which can be male of female.

SWAT troops always wear a bulletproof vest (which gives no added protection), a blue t-shirt under the vest, blue camo pants and, either, a blue helmet (with ot without visor) or a gas mask. When standing near them, you can hear radio chatter between them. The assassins wear blue camo pants, a ski mask, night-vision googles and a black shirt, they use the same weapons as SWAT members do.

The weapons of the SWAT are the Pistol, SMG, Combat Shotgun and Mini-SAW.

Events in Survival Crisis ZEdit

They are only seen near SWAT-controlled houses or areas, fighting off undead or rebels and play no major role in any of the missions in SCZ.