Specieal Items are a type of items foun in certain locations of Survival Crisis Z. Mostly found in the sewers, Hell Dimention or the Secret Dungeon. They can help you deal with the zombies or add fashion to th game.

The items are listed below, along with their effects:


Filthy Meat
  • If you found this item and leave it in the ground. The zombies and infected will swarm it instead of you. But it won't last forever. If you carry this item, the zombies won't "resist the smell" and attack you
Red mirror
Red Mirror
  • When you use this item, the world will change to the Hell Dimention. There won't be faction houses, but the map will remain the same. Large groups of infected and zombies appear. Only for those who want to go on a killing spree. Lootables everywhere

Ghost Cristal
  • If you select Hardcore difficult and you die. You will appear as a bright sphere; you're a ghost. You can travel wherever you want and must find a new human host to continue playing. All your weapons and items will dissapear but not your skills. This can be found only in churches.
Dirtbike Keys
  • This item is only found and the end of a secret dungeon. It allows you to use the dirtbike; that is found in the warehouses. It is sold at $100, once sold you must go to a dungeon to find it again. You can skip this by writing "grocery" in the menu
Red Whistle
  • A whistle found in the secret dungeon. When used it will call "Roger", a survivor with a red coat and horns (similiar to a demon) that has a flamethrower as a weapon. If he gets bitten by infected or dies attaked by them he will die, not revive as an infected.

"It twitchs..."

Severed Hand

  • A dead, severed hand found in the Hell Dimention. Attacks your enemies when activated.

G mask
Gas Mask
  • The gas mask that wear some SWAT members can be found in the dungeons. You can put it and add more style to your character. It will stay with you unless you sell it for $100 or die (Hardcore difficult only). According to the description its a rare item due the high demand during the beginning of the plague, so it is hard to find one of these. You can wear it without entering the dungeon, if you write "r_edit" in the menu and choose it for your character.

  • A red sandwich found in the Hell Dimention. It maxes out your hunger (20k) but spawns undead children.
H mask

"Be afraid, Jason will return"

Hockey Mask

  • A hockey mask found in the secret dungeon. You can wear it and look like Jason from Friday 13.

D mask
Scary Mask
  • A mask that is also found in the Secret Dungeon. According to its description, it represents demons in japanese theather.