A takeover is an action that allows the player to get the leadership of a house, by defending the house from zombies or taking it by force.

If the player goes to a neutral house and wants to take th leadership, he/she must defend the house from hordes of zombies, infects, dogs and exploders. If the player manages to survive, the house will be hers/his and he will receive an income of $0.20 per house.

The same occurs with faction's house, but instead of fighting zombies.The player must kill all the rebels/SWAT in the house.

There is the Drug Lord mode, where selling Stimulyte to neutral leaders 4 times will give you a partnership and the leadership of the house without fight.

However, it doesn't work with all leaders as some of them will refuse your drug or attack you. Houses obtained this way are marked with a yellow flag.


  • Before fighting zombies, think about; the Takeover difficult, look for obstacles, walls and doors. Teslas and EMP work through wall. Zombies don't play fair, so why you should??
  • Houses with a cross-shaped divided wall can be cleared with a single EMP or Pipe Bomb at any difficulty.Simply run on the side opposite to the door and let the whole horde come in, then toss the bomb. All the zombies will get burned and killed instantly.