Terror Strikes is the name of Episode 2 in Survival Crisis Z. It takes place after you completed Episode 1 or choose this episode as starter when creating your character. It is unknown if this takes places after the event of Episode 1 (your chooper might crashed) or is just another story in the same place.

Now both zombies and infects will rise again if shot, unless you decapitate, burn or disentegrate them. 


(Spoiler alert. Reading this may affect the gameplay experience)

Remember Mark Now?Edit

After rescuing Mark from the first Episode, your commander tells you that Mark has been acting strage since he got back from the sewers. After going to the marked location, you find him in an infected state. After he acknowledges his state he will mutate into a Tentaclehead and chase you. When he is defeated, the mission ends.

Kill the Truck!Edit

Your commander needs a radio to establish contact with the outside world and the only known location of one is inside the trucks that roll down every now and then. Go outside, use a pipe bomb and take all the stuff it leaves. Return to the safe house and you're done

Monster MashEdit

Exploders are bashing the door of your safe house, go outside and kill some zombies. Most of them are Exploders so watch out for the chain reaction. You'll need a certain number of kills

Amanda is ImportantEdit

The first time Amanda appears in the game. You must find her and escort her to the nearest sewer grate. Be careful, as maggot-spitting infected and undead spitter roam the streets.

Yes It's Smelly But...Edit

As soon as you return to your safe house, your commander tells you that a monster is killing everybody. Head there and fight the unique boss of the whole game: Chainclump. After that, find Amanda in the sewers and the colonization will start (in form of civilians and rebels in the sewers)

Why Catch Dogs When You Can Kill Them?Edit

Your commander tells you that thre is a place full of supplies, but it is full of Z-dogs. Go there and finish them; you'll need a certain number of deaths (whether their dogs or not)

A Brave New WorldEdit

The settling of the sewers has attracted the infects and zombies, so you need to make a decoy: bomb three trucks and get ready to fight them off. This is a suicide mission, so stock as many health items and ammo before doing this.

Set Us Up The BombEdit

A renegade leader is killing all people that is traveling to the sewers. Apparently you must bomb the place. Go the designed, place C4 charges on each wall and detonate them (C4 and C4 Detonator skills). After that return to your base as soon as possible as infects will flood the streets.

Chaos CityEdit

Apparently the bombing from the last mission just spoiled everything, as both SWAT and Rebels are outside shooting everything that moves, even Neutrals. You need to pull 2 bombings on two different buildings and a torture in anothe leader to end the mission.

Fragments CollideEdit

The radio you found in one of te trucks might help you to contact a rescue chopper, but some special info is needed. You'll need to go to the underground complex and fetch that document.

After leaving the room where the info was, all the environment changes into the Hell Dimension for the first time. Just leave the place and you're done

It's All Downhill From HereEdit

Finally, the chopper has been contacted and you just need to wait outside for it. Get a certain numer of kill and wait for the chopper to rescue you.

You'll be safe, for now.....