Standard truck

Trucks are the normal, everyday vehicle that carries supplies from one place to another. There are two types of trucks: a moving truck which carries a typical assortment of supplies, and the ambulance which tends to have a smattering of medkits as well. Trucks can be dangerous, but always move from northeast to southwest. They can be avoided all together by staying on the sidewalk or moving along a verticle street.


Trucks are as useful as they are dangerous. They tend to fly down the street when they are least expected, running over anyone (or anything) in their path. The only warning is the sound of the engine a moment before it appears. Trucks also tend to swerve a little towards to player, making it quite difficult to avoid.

A horde of zombies or Rebel/SWAT can be thinned out by a punctual truck assault.

How to DestroyEdit

Trucks can also be destroyed by tossing a pipe bomb or molotov into the street ahead of the truck, dumping a cache of supplies on the ground as well as making a satisfying, extremely deadly explosion. This is best done by running along a horizontal street (this seems to draw their attention), turning around the moment you hear the engine and tossing a pipebomb into the street. By the time the pipe bomb land the truck should be directly ontop of it, thus destroying it.

This is dangerous, because this method tends to not leave you enough time to avoid the truck. Make sure you have enough health/medkits. It might take practice, but the uncanny ability to nuke a truck at well is definitely a worthwhile skill.