The basic vials: red, yellow and blue

The vials are substances that are found in the game. The only way to get them is by looting. Mixed, they make potions that are useful and affect the player. They can also be combined with other objects to make unique potions. All potions sell for $20 to house leaders

Potion list:Edit

  • Red + Red = Red Potion (Restores 30% of health)
  • Yellow + Yellow = Yellow Potion (Restores 3000 of fatigue)
  • Yellow + Red = Orange Potion (Restores 3000 of hunger)

    The catalyzer is a vial only found in the secret lab.

  • Blue + Yellow = Green Potion (Speed boost)
  • Blue + Blue = Blue Potion (Protects from 10 bullet hits)
  • Blue + Red = Purple Potion (Restores 300 hunger and fatigue)

If you combine any vial with a catalyzer, you can create unique potions that can affect your survival, they are listed here:

  • Catalyzer + Catalyzer = NONE
  • Catalyzer + Red = Perceptol (You can see everything, even from inside the buildings)
  • Catalyzer + Blue = Mercuronium (Protects from 25 bullet hits)
  • Catalyzer + Yellow = Stimulyte (A highly addictive drug, sell it to house leaders don't drink it)