image name ammo type rate of fire range damage description
Knife Knife melee medium none low

Every class starts with one of these. It's not very strong and difficult to wield, but you'll be glad you have it.

Chainsaw Chainsaw melee very fast very short low The chainsaw has low damage, but attacks very quickly. Can be used to mow through zombies without wasting ammo.
Pistol Pistol bullet medium medium medium A very common gun, with very common ammo. Not very powerful, but it can be silenced when selected twice, reducing the chances of alerting the hordes. Pretty average all around. God of Pistols skill increases RoF to fast. Clerk starts with one.
Revolver Revolver bullet medium long high A powerful gun that's almost as strong as the hunting rifle, but with a quicker rate of fire. God of Pistols skill increases RoF to fast. Doctor starts with one.
Shotgun Sawed-Off buckshot medium very short high a sawed-off shotgun. Has a rather fast rate of fire for a shotgun and has a pretty high headshot ratio. The range isn't much longer than the chainsaw's, however. Bartender starts with one.
Combat Combat Shotgun buckshot slow medium high Has a slow rate of fire. Your character will also almost come to a stop whilst running and shooting it. Ammo is relatively common, and will chew through zombies. Extremely useful during hostile takeovers.
Tec TEC-9 bullet very fast short low A common handgun, usually found or purchased early in the game. Chews through several clips worth ammo in a matter of seconds, dealing extremely low damage with almost no stopping power. Useful for taking command of neutral hideouts with a low difficulty rating.
Smg SMG bullet fast medium medium A powerful, versatile gun with common ammo. Relatively good stopping power. A very well-rounded gun.
Flare Flare Gun flare slow medium combustion A powerful gun, each shot releases a flare that sets whichever enemy it hits on fire, killing them.
Crossbow Crossbow bolt slow long high A powerful, quiet weapon. Very good damage but with a lower decapitation rate than the hunting rifle.
Rifle Hunting Rifle bolt very slow long very high A very powerful gun that has an almost 1/1 kill rate. Extremely slow. Best used in an open area whilst running backwards, firing into a horde or picking off distracted enemies from a distance.
Laser Laser laser fast long high A powerful gun that is unlocked through arcade mode. Powerful and with a high rate of damage.
Thrower Flamethrower fire very fast long combustion One of the two best guns in the game. Blasts a constant stream of flames that ignites any enemy it touches, killing them in moments.
Saw SAW bullet very fast long very high The "Squad Automatic Weapon", widely considered to be the best gun in the game. A firearm that fires nearly as fast as the TEC-9, each round doing about the damage of the hunting rifle. Unlocked via the secret dungeon.
Moltov Molotov explosive-fire N/A medium combustion Selected through the inventory. Explodes into a spray of flames when it touches the ground, igniting anything nearby. Bartender starts with a few. Can be manufactured with the Molotov skill for 1 Chemical.
Bomb Pipe Bomb explosive-concussion N/A medium combustion Selected through the inventory. Explodes after a couple of seconds, killing anything nearby. Clerk starts with a few. Can be manufactured with the Pipe Bomb skill for 1 Hardware.
Emp EMP Grenade electricution N/A medium combustion Works like a pipe bomb, but instead of a concussive blast, the EMP bomb releases a pulse of electricity that causes the bullet casings carried by SWAT and Rebel members to superheat, exploding the rounds and killing them. Tech starts a few. Can be manufacturered with EMP Grenade skill for 1 electrical.
Gun Turret bullet very fast long low Places a rotating gun head that sprays any NPC, whether friend or foe. Doesn't do much damage but indespensible in early house takeovers. Can be manufactured with the related skill for 2 hardware and 1 electrical.
Tesla Tesla Cannon electricution slow long combustion A powerful cannon that must charge up after each blast. Indespensible in house take overs. Fires a bolt of lightning that ignites any enemy. Can be manufactured with the related skill for 2 electrical and 1 hardware.