Zombies are the main antagonist in Survival Crisis Z, hostile towards every human.

Overview Edit

Zombies are undead humans that have long been infected. They are slow and normally found in groups. Alone, they are relatively harmless, but hordes of them can be a challenge. They are hostile to everyone but from each other, so no one is safe from them.


There are a variety of zombies encountered in Survival Crisis Z. The ones listed have unofficial names attached to their description with the exception of zombies and Infected.

Regular ZombiesEdit

They are also known as zombie. A slow zombie that has grey skin and visible decomposition on its face. Many survivors have been lulled into a false sense of security by the zombie's slow movements only to be surprised by a burst of speed when the zombie is near the character. Most zombies, including the Regular zombies, will fall to the floor after taking a certain amount of damage. The character is urged to use caution around downed zombies as they tend to rise again. Similarly, Regular Zombies, The Infected and Z-Dogs burst from shop windows to deliver an unpleasent surprise in the form of a bite to the unprepared. As a side note, downed zombies can be pushed forward by other zombies. This does not appear to be intentional but could be an environmental clipping error. There is a type of zombie that can launch a ball of acidic mucus from its mouth.

The InfectedEdit


The typical "fast zombie". A still-living human who has recently succombed to the infectious virus. It appears that a human infected slowly decomposes to the point of zombification, evidensed by the fact that the Infected have a habit of vomiting blood and maggots. If a companions has been bitten, they will return after losing all of their life as an Infected. They can be found in a large group running after survivors who have left the building running after them. It is best to keep companions healed with Medic kits or rest in a safehouse unless you do not care for them or do not have any of the recovery options available, be sure to dispatch as soon as they turn. Sometimes when the game glitches, your turned companions will still follow you wherever you go. this is rare though.


Exploders are zombies bloated with gases produced during decompisition. They will kneel for a second then explode once sufficiently damaged. It is advised to take on Exploders at a distance with long range weapons such as the Rifle or Crossbow. In large groups, be sure to take them out from a distance with a fast gun because if they grouped up and either you or your party members shoot them, they'll deal a high amout of damage.They also sometimes vomit blood and/or maggots.


Spitters, as their name implies, are a special type of zombies that have the ability or a capability to "spitting"(launch) a ball of highly corrosive projectiles from a long-distance at it's target, their acid(or saliva) can deal enough damage on the survivor over-time if he or she weren't careful with it. Spitters can be easily distinguished from normal undead by the fact they are much taller than any other wearing tattered clothing or burned body parts from a past attack. They can also make a distinguishable gurgling sound and may have their acid blood and/or maggots dripping out of their mouths if it is in excess. The most dangerous part about a Spitter is that they have the capability to perform a ranged attack, which is something that not a lot of other types of zombies can do.The safest way to battle a Spitter, as well as any type of zombie for that matter, is to pick them from a far-away position so that it doesn't have the chance to retaliate.

Screamer Zombies

More of an annoyance than a serious threat to deal with, their specialization is to call out to any other zombies around when they spots you or getting hurt when a survivor attacks, usually via screaming or screeching. They barely rarely engage in direct combat, but their scream will often stun survivors, causing them feel dizzy from the scream and make their weapon aim inaccurately. When spotting one, be advised that you may should pick them off afar by using a crossbow, rivolver or even a hunting rifle.

Feral Stalker

Feral Stalkers are a more feral type of Zombie. They can be distinguished from normal infected by their torn apart tattered hobo clothing with bandages all over them and a malnourished look. Stalkers are quadrupedal, which means they move on all fours. This makes those creatures become really fast, we meant really fast as when they spot you at range, they will relentlessly keep pouncing at you and deal damage at their sharp claws. When you meet one of them, shoot them quickly before it tears upon your eyes!

Armored Ones

Armored Ones are once used to be police officers in riot gear sets and SWAT members that were dealing with the mysterious outbreak...until the horde infect them to turn into them. These mutated monstrosities can be distinguishable from their normal counterpart by wearing bulletproof body armor from their former role, which makes them resistant and durable against your attacks thanks to their body armor. Even blowing the by throwing pipe bombs at them will only make them flinch backwards rather than taking any sortof dealing damage. However, this makes them even more slower like a turtle, making them easy to evade and distract rather than any other kind of zombies.Unlike other zombies, they cannot grab survivors as long they are wearing their helmet. In order to kill them, their helmet must be removed by shooting it repeatedly or, more preferably, knocking it off with a knife .After that, two firearm shots to the head will down them (body shots will continue to ricochet off); you can take them down with the knife, although even without the helmet they take more hits to kill than a standard infected. They will instantly be killed by decapitating them using chainsaw or shoot their heads (although you may be advised to taking their helmets first) with crossbow and SMG(with incendiary ammo).


Z-Dogs are fast and can surprise a character when they leap from a small distance to maul a survivor and it is possible to outrun it running away. Z-Dogs have an advantage when they burst from shop windows, as a character generally has to be close for the infected to spawn from windows. They are relatively weak but can be annoying if not dealt with quickly.


(image slightly enlarged) Maggots are spawned from the Infected and from dying companions who are infected. Infected companions may vomit Maggots if not healed. These disgusting parasites slowly inch their way towards the player, attaching themselves when within range. Once attached, they will continue to deal damage until they fall off. The damage they deal is minimal but the character can jerk or lose their aim because of the damage and you should try to shake them off. There is a type of Infected that can launch a shotgun blast of maggots at the player. To deal with them, you will either step over it killing instantly or keep running away until it disappears.


Worms(also called Maggots) are often encountered in secret dungeons and are synonymous with the Z-Dogs that are found in the overworld. In secret dungeons, they are always found in large numbers. They are fast and leap to bite the face of survivors, but tend to deal less damage than the Z-Dog. In theory, they could be Z-Dogs because of the audio cue it makes sound the same and their appearance could have been mutated from staying in the dark sewer for too long.

Undead ChildrenEdit

Perhaps the most disturbing zombie in Survival Crisis Z, Undead Children only become visible when they are near a character. Once near, the environment changes: floor and walls become colored red in blood, strange writings can be seen, and a unique audio is played. Immediately after being dealt with, or ran away from, the scene will return to normal. Wielding knives and wearing a white gown, Undead Children are small and comparatively fast. Their skin is pale and relatively free from decomposition. Although they are invisible at a distance, shooting in their general direction will often land a hit as will be evident from blood splatter. Being hit from them can drain fatigue also. Using this knowledge, survivors can engage Undead Children without seeing them or their grisely scenes. The feeling of ghostly horror that follows them hints at SCZ underlying plotline of the zombie outbreak being more than what can be explained by science. They are found in the ZML text game that is unlocked in Arcade mode.


Keeping with zombie lore, shooting the head or decapitating a zombie in Survival Crisis Z is the most efficient way of taking on the undead hordes. When a player lands a headshot on a zombie the head will fly off the body. Disembodied heads can be kicked by the player for humor. Arms that are shot off will flop around the floor. It is possible, with high caliber weapons, to shoot off the head then destroy the body. Additionally, a decapitated zombie may continue to run around like "chickens with the head cut off."